privacy policy
The data inside the system. Visitors can view all vacancies and resumes that have been approved to appear by the user to the general visitors.
  • The user can control the appearance of his resume and its hiding from the search results and from display within the system
  • Register with Facebook
  • We will collect the following data:
    • Name: name
    • Email: email
  • We add your "e-mail" and "your name on Facebook" to your personal account in the application and your CV
  • You can delete this data, and all the data you enter into the system yourself through the service to permanently delete the account from the application
  • Permanently delete the account from the system
  • When logging in, from the drop-down list of the account icon on the right of the application, choose Settings
  • The settings screen will open and you can click on the delete account button to delete all the Facebook data that has been collected, which is the name and email, as well as all the data you entered for your CV will be deleted and your account will be completely deleted from the application